Wednesday, 19 November 2014

i can see the gaps....

Today was a big day for me! An off the cuff field trip with my 7-year old's class on a 'rainy' day! As per the brief, I was at her class at 9am! Just while passing time, my eyes fell on the noticeboard. I could see some of their recent work pinned up.

Their latest Unit of inquiry (UOI) is based on transportation. For me even the term UOI was a bit unique at the onset..I was more prepared for 'chapter names' and a 'textbook' to follow...But the methodology has been of 'innovation, imagination and research.
UOI work pinned up on the board!

So to come back to the pin-up board..the exercise included every kid to come up with an innovative mode of transport and elaborate on its USP! Of course  the 'curious' mother in me, first looked for my daughter's work, and then scanned through most of the others. No one answer was the same. For a start for me, that was 'startling'. If it was my school days, this would have been unacceptable. But in the current scenario, they were all 'right'.

I had tonnes of thoughts running through my mind (even during the field trip)..In my growing up years, and the system of education I followed, I was always taught that there was only either a 'right' or a 'wrong'. There was never a mid-path or a choice to think differently. It was always about referring to existing information and ensuring that you imbibe that to the best! Never about imagination and research...There was always a pressure to do well, stay ahead of others and never look back!

And when I see our kids, I see a 'big' difference today. It's not about how better you are than the others, but more about if you are giving your best; it's more about you thinking to your maximum.     

I recollect several conversations I had with my parents for not being given a 'choice' on what I wish to study. You were either good or bad! The average student would always be lost in the pool!

It's taken me a while to get used to this system. I often try to weigh her vis-a-vis other kids, I try to see where she lacks, I try to push her... but every time I do that, I feel I may be repeating some of the errors that happened with me. She's lucky to 'not' be in that rat race and to 'not' feel the pressure. And I hope this will bring out the best in her!

I am not sure which system is better. We survived (and probably thrived) in our system. But even today when I try and look for that 'one' right way in every situation, I am constantly reminded by my girl it may not be the 'only' way.

I still freak out when I see 'less' homework for the week and create my own worksheets! I still haven't reached the mode where I can 'chill' or more let 'her' chill..

I am  (still not sure) hoping this is the 'right approach' to growing up! The fact that it's okay to experiment and everyone is 'right' has taken me a while to accept.

I often felt a gap at some stage between my parents and me, and I see it setting in between me and my daughter now!


  1. Very true. The kids seem to be better off with words of endearment and encouragement from the teachers, unlike our times. Time will tell, in my opinion, which system worked out better.

    1. @mukta..i totally agree! only time will tell...