Friday, 22 January 2016

cracked the code...

January-  The first month is about to end and everyone is settled into their routine. The month has zipped by (atleast for me). With some new projects underway, everyday has been a new chapter. Some I enjoyed and some I didn't. Thankfully I am able to make that choice and only 'do' what I truly enjoy doing.

I recently took on an assignment to write for a leading local portal. With my past year's experience of writing for online portals, I thought this would just be an extension. My first few meetings were an eye opener- young team, different dynamics, writing for a different target audience, interaction with a diverse team- challenges were galore. To top it all, I had to undergo hours of software training to familiarise myself with the systems, just so I could be independent and be able to write from anywhere. I have been far and away from words like SEO, coding, permalink, meta description!!

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, there is 'no age' to do something new. This was another test for that. An 18-year old, highly capable, highly patient lad training me. He probably could see fear on my face every time I tried to upload a story. Am sure he had a good laugh later. So did I. Even my elder one would try to hand hold me and worry if I uploaded my story the 'right' way. Three weeks and I can proudly say, I can sit 'anywhere' and file my stories now!

Friday: Yes it's Friday and this day feels like a festival in our house. Everyone is upbeat about the weekend, each one starts talking of what they wish to do. The younger one waits for her 'date with the dad' which happens on Saturday's. That's her 'alone' time with him. The elder one on the other hand researches on stuff that we can do as a family. Is it a trail, some roller blading, cycling, a new park to go or just a movie we can watch.
Spiti Valley

I have spent most of my Friday morning researching for my 'solo' trip I am undertaking in the summer. A 2-week volunteering trip to Spiti (North of India) with an organisation called 'Ecosphere'. Yes am excited but also super nervous. To be away in unknown land, all by myself will feel strange. Hopefully this will be a lifetime experience and I will bring back some memories that I can cherish for life and share with the girls as they grow. 

What am I excited about- a trip by myself after years, to be part of a 'grassroots programme'- a first time for me and use my skill sets to their benefit, the stories I am going to tell the girls once I come back.

What am I nervous about (the list is longer)- will I scrape through the 2 weeks, meeting and staying with strangers, will I miss family, how will I survive without my mobile and the internet, will I get cold feet. Hopefully all this will convert into excitement as the days get closer. I am sure I need to spend the next few months building up my mental strength more than my physical. I think my biggest high will be when I decide to do a similar volunteer programme with my elder one and this maybe a good story to exchange between us.

When I used to work in Dubai, we often used the word "Inshallah" with the hope that everything will go right. The word fits in perfectly with my current state of mind. Only time will tell where this experience will take me. As for now Happy Friday to all!

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