Tuesday, 27 January 2015

across borders...

Strangely when I hit the road for my run this morning at 5:55am (yes that's right- am teased a lot among friends for my 'silly' time sense!!), there was a lot more activity than usual. Normally the roads are deserted and you hardly see people! But today was different though I never figured out why!

This weekend was a bit lazy. We spent a lot of time at home. One of our (mine and my 7-year old's) favorite pastimes is watching movie trailers on our Apple TV.

One of the trailers we happened to see was for a recent Bollywood movie-2 states! This movie is an adaptation of a novel by one of the best-selling authors in India. Of course after the 1-minute trailer, she had a lot of questions about the story and it started a conversation between us. To touch briefly, the movie focuses on the ever debatable inter-state marriages within India that I personally feel gets way too much importance! The complexities in culture, and stress over tradition can be easily over looked. It feels great to see that 'urban' India today has moved beyond this factor and any 'this generation' person you chat with, doesn't give this give this whole cultural divide too much attention!

So my 7- year old had a lot of questions on my marriage! I belong to a southern state of India and my husband to the north! Thankfully even 12 years ago, when we decided to marry, it never crossed our mind that we could be cultural misfits! So I strangely never related to that movie.Maybe i was lucky. I know tonnes of friends who were lucky too! I think modern India was open to change then. I tried to explain to her that this movie has come out a bit too late. It should have hit the screens atleast 20 years ago.

I think it was tough for her to comprehend on why there could be an objection in the first place.. Forget inter state, her question was direct about cross country! "Why would anyone object at all in the first place, even if he is not Indian". Well I think somewhere she had a point!  But I tried to explain to her that during my younger days, it was more about economic and moral values clicking rather than social and cultural values.

I think her point was also loud and clear. Seeing her grow, I can see she is surely one step ahead of me in her thinking and hopefully she won't have to 'woo' me when her case arises like shown in the movie!

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