Thursday, 15 January 2015

change is tough...

The pooslide
After dropping off my little girl at school this morning and while whaling away my time for my bus to arrive, my mind flash backed to a brief conversation I had with my 3 close pals last evening. The one hour we guys meet at the poolside every evening is probably the most refreshing time in the day (atleast for me). I probably get to hear some sane stuff (that at times stimulates my mind) and we end up talking about a school issue, a child issue, a silly party someone attended, a nice lunch one of us went to! After spending your whole day juggling your home and kids, this time of the day has become our nirvana time!

One of the friend's dad is visiting her these days, so we inquired about how he is passing his time and if this break is a good change for him! My thought was atleast he doesn't have to worry about his next meal or his groceries for a while. But of course he misses his morning newspapers, probably his routine to meet his buddies, his bank and bill payments, etc. Every time parents visit us, we see changes in them. You can see they have grown (bit) older, maybe a bit more averse to change and you start to worry! Is this good for them or for you? When our kids grow older and we visit them, will we react the same way and have that wall around us or will we break all barriers and live with an open mind?

So just then another friend talked about how we will also change as we grow older (or have we already started to). When we were young, we would often look at our parents and wonder would we be like them? Would we be able to accept changes in our lives easily or will we also resist it? We always didn't want to be like them, and thought we would be way 'cooler' parents. 

I have seen a lot of changes in myself. As a kid, I was never a morning person, always late for my school bus, never serious about anything (from studies to life), always had a happy go lucky attitude. But today, I am a total morning person, very time conscious, can't take a risk and a bit too serious at times! My husband often prays that I don't go more serious than this! And I need to bring that 'chill' factor back into my life. I see a lot of my 'mom' in me! And when I was a kid, I was totally like my dad! My 7-year old can never believe it when I tell her that I have plugged in my exams, I have lost so many of my things while at school, I have got punished for doing wrong!

I am not sure how and when this change came. But I do know that keeping your mind 'open' is probably the answer to a lot of problems. Going with the flow is even better. There is probably never going to be a 'right' way that's good for all but it's better to find what's 'right' for 'you' and move on with that!

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