Wednesday, 15 April 2015

is it really simpler now??

Friday: Our house was suddenly brimming with action! Family arrived from India and there was noise everywhere. It's a rare sight. We live such regimented lives, I could spend my entire day without talking to anyone (if I don't make that effort to step out of the house). 'Chaos' was the word to describe the scenario. Time spent at the meal table is suddenly more fun with kids arguing, teasing each other, playing table games (even the 3-year old insisting to be a participant). I am happy for a change no one asks me 'what's for dinner tonight'. They rather ask me 'so what's the plan this evening'. Simple pleasures of life. I can suddenly see the '3' kids (including an almost there teenager), doing things for each other. Be it playing lego or game of UNO together, dancing to 'Uptown Funk' or playing cricket with the 3-year old. Guess each of these will be memories as they grow. 

I know none of this will last forever but am certain it surely will lay a foundation to their future relationships. For the grandparents these are golden moments. They get all the kids together and can nurture them and shower them with all their love. Of course deciding on what to do becomes the biggest challenge (you have to appease the 3-year old and the 13-year old). I probably understand the 'thrill' of bringing up 3 kids now! You are a unit in yourself- you really don't need company!

 Monday: My 7-year old and her 2 friends have been practicing very hard the last few weeks. For the first time, she has moved beyond her comfort zone and is getting onto her school stage for a performance. Anyone who knows her, will know this is a big deal (for her). So we have been spending a lot of time chauffeuring her around. Of course the (hyper) mother in me was trying to close all the loopholes for the registration for the performance etc. I suddenly get a mail from the school that the registration date has expired and I missed it in the school e-newsletter! And my reaction was 'Jesus, this can't be true'. Probably the school had some sympathies towards us (mums), and they made an exception and enrolled the kids in.

And then it got me thinking. These days we better be on top of all the communication channels- e-mails, letters, whatsapp, messages, viber, facebook, snapchat! Not a day goes when all the above are not checked. Life was simpler when we were kids. We only had to hand-over that circular to our folks and it said it all! What will happen if I decide not to check my facebook/whatsapp/messages for a day!! And despite being on top of it, I missed it! Good or bad- again no one right answer!

Thought with technology life should be simpler but is it really getting simpler?? I still have a bit of the old school in me- like to read my newspaper every morning, still liking writing the birthday cards, can't get myself to read an e-book (can read only short articles on my phone). I hope I don't reach a stage where I have an empty mailbox one day!

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