Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The start-up way of life....

Sunday, 6:00pm- As I was running (for a change in the evening this weekend), I started thinking of what to write about next. Then I wondered what's kept me so busy the last few weeks. Was it the festive season, was it my new work, was it just me mentally elsewhere. It was a combination of all. The headline of this feature came first to my mind and then the text started flowing..It's strange. The norm is to usually write the feature and then pull out your headline. But often in my case, I have my headline clearly in front of me and then my thoughts start flowing..

Tuesday- I got the biggest surprise after ages. An old and very dear ex-colleague-now a good friend called me out of the blue from Canada. These days receiving 'out of the blue' calls is a bit rare (atleast for me). We were speaking to each other after almost 8 years. She had witnessed one of my start-up's during take off and was a rock solid support. Of course after the hour-long chat (and it's very rare these days that you connect with friends after all these years), she took me back to the few of the risks I had taken and moved on those paths without looking back.

Every start-up I have been a part of (in the last 15 years) left me with something extra I could imbibe into my personal life. My ability to take on risks, patience, taste success, perseverance, work under any environment (from a bench and chair, moving onto a cabin), and the biggest lesson of 'build your own reputation'. All the organisations I was a part of, are excelling. Some of the teams I formed are still there and I often joke with friends, that I sadly never got to enjoy any of the start-ups once the struggle period was over.

Today as I embark on a new journey, I can see some of my die-hard habits come to life. I am back to another chair and bench and another start-up...

Calling those old colleagues, clients or friends even after all these years doesn't deter me.I knocked the door of one of my oldest pals whose is now an entrepreneur and runs her own design shop- DeSha Creative. She maybe miles away from me, yet we didn't need a single telecon for her to execute what I had in mind. She reminded me that I was her 1st client 15 years ago even before she had taken on designing professionally!

Yes like any start-up there is excitement. But strangely I am not in a hurry and I don't fear failure.  And no the name is not inspired by the Bollywood flick 'ROCK ON'....

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