Tuesday, 15 December 2015

running short.....

I have been a regular short-distance runner (mind you only outdoor) for about two years now. Like my age I'd like to believe that even my running has evolved and it has meant different things to me at different stages.
perfect weather @ 8am..

When I started two years ago, it was for a purpose. I was told it will help me to loose weight faster. From my first 1km jog, I pushed myself along and got to my 1st 5km. That journey had it's challenges too- is my pace consistent, do I need someone to run along with, should I monitor my runs? 

Finding the answers to all these was never easy, but with my 'sole objective' of shedding those kilos, none of these took precedence.Time passed and within a year I ran a few 10km's (even a 12km run). By this period even my weight loss campaign had succeeded. I had shed close to 13 kilos and it was the fittest I had ever been.

What next? Now the goal was achieved. Did I have a new goal for myself? Did I have a
Pit-stop for a selfie
half-marathon on sight? Nope. But yet I enjoyed my runs. I craved for them mid-week and couldn't wait for the weekend. Did I need a partner? Nope was the answer. I often crossed paths with my husband (during an early morning hour), but we never joined each other.

Is it my 'me time'? No- not really- yes am alone when I run but I have a purpose in mind (to run my set distance). Someone once very nicely told me, "Me time has to be without a purpose. It means total unwinding time." For me the runs are more about 'thinking time'. They help me to sort out my day, my articles, my ideas, my chores and give me the time to listen to my favourite playlist.

There are 'lazy' days (like today), when I just couldn't make it for my 5:30am run. I often itch till the kids are packed off to school, and I find my routes to run (sometimes it's on the road after school drop-offs), sometimes it's at a trail I get to.

So what's with my run these days? Is it a new route? Is it about running more? Or is it to run faster? For me it has a different goal each time. If it's about a new elevation, the next week it maybe a new route, maybe a different time of the day and sometimes it maybe just about running more...

But happily, now it's a part of me, something I wait to do. It's no longer about wanting to run a half-marathon- it's just about me enjoying my run.....

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