Thursday, 21 May 2015

..and who says the Indian girl doesn't have a mind of her own.....

Wednesday- 8:45am- On my bus ride after dropping off my younger one at school, I met my 'old' friend. By 'old' here I mean, a little kid's grand dad who I befriended during my morning bus routine. He and I had got chatty some months back and with our chance meetings every morning, we would talk a little more about our lives in those 10 minutes. Today uncle took me by surprise and told me, "You should write about Modi, about the synergies between India and Singapore". I think I had a bit of a 'shocked' expression on my face. He immediately said, "My wife and I have been following your blogs and I think you can write about some 'serious' stuff too". Of course I had a big smile on my face and very politely told him that not only does he have high hopes from my writing but he just made my day, I had to tell uncle politely that I write only to bring out my emotions and I am far away from Indian politics. We ended our brief conversation with, "see you tomorrow" and then he said I probably make people's day with that wide smile of mine. He even said not sure if you realise it, but you even smile this widely at the bus driver every morning. Well that was surely a very good start to my day.

11:30am- The time of the day when I finally get to my desk, sort out my things for the day, discuss the day's menu with my helper (and there are days, when I tell her today she has to think and suggest the menu!!), and on days like this sit and write.

I (finally) managed to see Piku just 2 days ago after it's almost two week release. Let me tell you for stay-at-home mum's even going for a movie in the day requires a lot of planning and co-ordination. You are always debating with this constant 'guilt' of not being there when the kids wake up (if u go for  walk/run in the morning), not being there when the kids get home from school. Anyway long story short, I managed to get out for the movie (with more a push from my elder girl who had seen the movie and insisted that I see it too!)

My verdict- It's a movie after ages that left me impacted, I was awake all through the film (that's a rare with me as I always take a power nap in the theatre). The roles have been written and acted so beautifully. Probably a few years back this movie would have been bracketed into an 'art movie' category but today it's an out and out commercial movie.

The main character Piku is a lot like some of us. Well, maybe yes and no. A lot of us (Indians my generation) have that streak of independence, have lived life on our own terms, have had only our 'needs' fulfilled as there were no avenues for the 'wants' and are still deeply rooted to our parents. No because, I still cannot talk about my sex life in front of my parents, with my independence came freedom- freedom to not be answerable to anyone, to take my own decisions and also bear the consequences if they were wrong.

Every time I go back to India, I see a lot of 'Piku's' around- be it at malls, at pubs, at restaurants, friends daughters, cousin's girlfriends. She is not rare anymore. The young Indian girl today knows her mind and is not ready to fully compromise. Somewhere good and bad.

Movies like Piku show a progressive India. An India some of us relate to and some of us don't. It portrays a modern, cosmopolitan Indian girl who despite being forward thinking, is attached to her roots and tries hard to find her 'own' life while handling her father's life.

I happened to read this blog Piku, our loveable, modern day Jo March, just today. So well written and apt. I love the way this blog ended. It shows a true picture of our society, our emotional tie-ups, our attachment to our roots (despite being away from it for years), our constant dilemma of being away from our parents, and a natural transfer of responsibility as parents get older and the kids take on the role of managing them! With every generation we are getting more open-minded, we are ready for change but some things that is so 'us' hopefully will stay constant.

I walked out of that movie (after ages) with a smile, and immediately called home to see if the elder one was back from school safe and sound! Guess that's the bit of 'Piku' in me...however independent and broad-minded I may be, I will always be deeply rooted to my home and my kids...

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