Thursday, 14 May 2015

life moves on.....

Wednesday 8:30am- This is probably my most relaxed 15 minutes in the morning. I am normally in a bus going off to drop off my younger one (and I can happily say that's her 'me' time with me)..We talk a lot in that bus ride, see some familiar faces, discuss our day, see the elder sisters bus pass by and sometimes even sing some rhymes. Once we get-off at the bus stop close to her school we have a short 5-7 minute walk to her school gate. Even here we have familiar faces we see daily and now it's a routine to wish each other every morning. One such person we wish is an old 'uncle' who comes by to the park everyday and under a  tree practices 'Tai Chi'. Without fail, we see him every morning and we greet each other. Between my girl and me, we have him named 'Tai Chi naana'. Of course that's our little secret. And the days we don't see him, my little girl will surely ask me, "Where is Tai Chi naana" this morning?" Am sure when she grows up, we will remember this bus ride and our 'Tai Chi naana".

Wednesday 10:00am- I chanced upon this blog piece- The Exclusive Club Sheryl Sandberg Never Intended To Join. A lot has been said and written about Sheryl Sandberg's personal loss. No doubt nothing in the world can compensate for that loss. But this blog piece in particular was far more moving. With no personal offense to Sheryl, I think her situation was slightly better. More common stories we hear  (actually we hardly get to hear about them as they are all unknown faces leading absolutely anonymous lives) of women who have to build their life from scratch- economically, socially and emotionally. And with the responsibility of bringing up kids, one cannot shirk away from that job. In her case, her financial and economic independence may have made her come back (a bit) easier. But only someone in that situation knows how tough it is to be alone and to play a dual role for your kids. But having said that, life also is a great teacher. It teaches you to handle adversity and gives you immense strength which you would have never envisaged that you ever possessed it.

Another piece I read just this morning: My Mother Doesn't Know My Name Anymore
Years ago, I had interacted with the writer. I was a junior PR executive and she an upcoming journalist. I don't personally know her but at some level I know of her. Today when I read the piece I had goosebumps. I can't even imagine how the family is coping with the situation and they continue to live a 'normal' life. Wow!

Like they always say, 'Life moves on. It waits for none.' Both these stories and both the women in question are perfect examples of how you look for inner strength and spread joy around you....

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