Monday, 16 May 2016

friends forever

As I crawl back to my routine, I struggle with my early morning alarm. My mind rewinds to the hectic two weeks I had bringing in the big ‘4’ for some of my closest friends or I should say 'our' closest friends. Friends who live far away from me, friends for whom we have traveled miles just to be there with them on their big day.

People are amused when I said that was away  to visit friends and just to be with them on their big day. A few years back, I probably would never have done such a thing. I used to often wonder on what’s the big deal of hitting this milestone. But over the last few years, I have been witness to some dear friends crossing this line and it made me realise it’s not just ‘another’ birthday celebration.

These are friends who have been part of different phases of my life. Some from school, some from my work days, and some I just met by chance (even at a birthday party). When and how did these friends become an integral part of my life? Is it because I have been away from family for long? I have spent childhood in half a dozen schools but I still remember the names of friends I made there. Thanks to technology, I manage to stay in touch with them even now. We exchange jokes, birthday wishes, kid’s photos regularly. We have no idea when we will meet each other, but this open communication has tied me to them.

One of them visited me recently after almost five years. We took off instantly. Our kids knew each other (through pictures they had seen), we didn’t need to update each other on our lives and we spent the whole evening laughing about our college days and desperately trying to work out a schedule when the gang could meet and we failed badly!! But I still haven’t given up!

Ironically I celebrated my 40th a week ago too. The celebration was nothing short of a wedding (even my wedding was not so grand and fun). It was not about the number of people who attended, but the mood it brought along, the friends who traveled from far and near just to be with me on that day. Every moment was special. It was a true celebration of years of friendships, times we have shared together and an ode to our next few years together.
I don’t worry about the extra inches I may have put on. I rather smile over all the silly things we did, the insane fun we had and seal it up for the next decade we shall cross together.

Strangely, my 8-year old passed an interesting comment on the breakfast table a few days ago. She probably could read the excitement on my face the last few days. She said there seems to be only one common thing between you and me (her mum and her). We both ‘live’ for our friends. She is right- we are both strikingly different personalities yet we can go our arm and length for our friends. When I was a kid my mum often joked that I could die for my friends. I see the same spirit in my daughter too. She values her relationships; she stands by them at any cost. As for me, I can do with a birthday celebration like this every five years! No complaints at all!!

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