Friday, 3 October 2014

72 to 59!

Yes the title of this article says it all! That's really where I stand today!

Zoya and me in 2008!
I was asked  lot of questions by my cousin did I loose all this weight, what were the roadblocks, was it easy?

I sent her the link for my previous blog XL to M! and thought I had covered it all there...but last night I actually thought of all that she asked and realized, that maybe I haven't covered it all... the start, the challenges and how I really got here!

For those of you who haven't known me for more than the last 10 years, let me tell you that I have never weighed this light in my entire life..not even when I got married! So it was never something that crept into my mind after I had my 2nd child (Ira), that I need to go back to an 'original' weight...I had a husband who was a great example of getting back into shape, but even that never pushed me...

So what really pushed me? I think to start with, it gave me an opportunity to have some 'me' time. After having left work, it was a perfect space for me to be by myself! That hour spent at the gym, was my time. And I had someone who was helping me do the 'right' things.

I also feel when I started this whole exercise, I never set a goal nor a time for myself. None of us knew how committed I would be to this, and if I would be able to sustain it. I think that helped in the initial stages. Whatever weight I start losing, it only pushed me further.Now when I think back, I can clearly see 3 stages that I went through:

1. The Start 
The actual start was me walking on the treadmill (mind you holding it), and hallucinating that I am doing a great job at working out. The real start was when I started training professionally. After my first session, I had Smita asking me if I had any 'aches and pains' and she was thrilled to hear I did, as it meant that the session was effective! 

I dedicated two days of the week to train under my trainer and another two days to attempt to do it by myself. She pushed me to stop walking and start running. I had this mind block, that because I was asthmatic, I could never run. I think that was the first myth broken.

I still recollect starting to run at the speed of 7.0 on the treadmill and feeling breathless within 5 minutes. It only made me feel even more unfit and my will power stronger, that I needed to get over this challenge.

I felt maybe its easier to run out than in the gym, so maybe I should start with that. That helped. But the early morning wake ups (with my elder ones school routine, husband's run routine) were a bit stressful. But I scrapped it through. Now when I look back, those early morning runs, really helped. I started feeling less 'aches and pains' at my training sessions and could sustain more comfortably.

2. The Challenges-
- Diet-- Now that I had set a pattern for myself,  I still felt there were hindrances. I myself felt, that since I am working so hard on the gym and the running side, maybe I should see if any compromise on the eating side would just help. I decided on the below things but on a sporadic manner (and not under any pressure):
- Drink only on weekends
- Frequently go off rice during dinner
- Small portions of dessert if eating at night

And how well it complimented my weight loss programme! My clothes started fitting me better! The results were faster and for all to see. And I feel when you are investing so much of your time and energy, a bit of sacrifice from your end only compliments this whole effort. Once the goals are achieved, one can sit back and relax.

- Exercising- This was a dedicated and sustain routine I followed with my fitness trainer. She made sure that it got tougher as we went along and that truly was the way! A combination of cardio, weights, and other exercises to strengthen your core... And each time she would surprise me with new ones! 

Zoya and me in 2014!
I must admit that through this journey it was not always good news! There was a stage, when I had got static for a couple of weeks despite being regular with my gym and weekly running. And that was disappointing. But I guess, that was my body buying time to adjust itself! But I never gave up! And then again suddenly, I would see results.

- Running- I think this must have been my biggest challenge that I got over. I think sustaining and pushing myself is what helped me here. It was probably the toughest part as only I could push myself to do this. Of course having my Salveo Mantra  running buddies helped, but running just that 1 Sunday a month was not sufficient. I had to push myself to wake up early mornings (even weekends), go by myself (which is the toughest) and ensure that you run the distance you have thought of for that day (of course it helps to keep increasing that distance gradually)! It's very easy to stop and just start walking!

3. The End - Is it really the end or the beginning? For me its the start of a new phase of my life! Me feeling so much lighter, more energetic and more positive. I need too run twice a week and hit the gym twice a week now or I start missing my little chit chats at the gym!

 Exactly 12 months after I started my fitness training, I weigh 59kgs, I ran my first 10km and I feel super! I am glad I never set any goals for myself, I am glad this happened the right way, I am glad I know that I will hold onto this for life now!

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