Friday, 24 October 2014

and this movie moved me...

..and with kids at home for their school break and Diwali, i struggled to even get near my laptop. I had enough things jumbled up in my head, but never got that 'undisturbed' 15 minutes to pen it all down...

One of our (Zoya and my) holiday activities was to watch a few (pending) movies. One of them was Mary Kom. It was a movie we had (easily) skipped watching in the theatre (now I wonder why, considering for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, we made a lot of effort!!).

I started watching the movie with no expectations. Enough reviews had been read, friends had talked about it, so this was meant to be a more time-pass affair for both of us.

So as the movie progressed, surprisingly we got hooked on! For Zoya it was an eye-opener. She was first time seeing issues like curfew, rebels, so there were a lot of questions from her end. During the movie, we talked a lot about 'states in India', which state she belongs to, why the Manipuri's looked more Chinese and not Indian!

Having seen 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag', one had a bit of an idea of how tough the life for a sportsperson could be. But in Mary Kom's case I felt some thing's were a wee bit different
- the sport was not popular
- she came from a 'troubled state'
- hardly any family support
- AND she was a pursuing a sport that hardly seen any Indian woman succeed..

Some things I felt came out far more strongly in this movie. Her return to the boxing arena after having kids, must have been emotionally and physically so tough for her! And despite the obstacles, to excel in your sport is another ball game all together. I think it clearly shows the 'constant struggle' that women go through while they are multitasking. You are constantly stretched to give your best to both your worlds.

This movie clearly shows how tough it is to succeed when the going gets tough . I am sure India has 'tonnes' of Mary Kom who probably go by unrecognized.

For once, this movie wasn't about the 'actor' and more about the real woman! It left me thinking for a few hours...

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