Tuesday, 28 October 2014

..my fastest 4km this morning!

..As of last night I had no idea what I was going to write about next..totally blank! But like in the past, I knew something somewhere will click in my head..which is what happened this morning..

I landed (as per my routine) at the gym, and waited (longer than usual) for a turn on the treadmill. Let me warn you, running on the treadmill is 'not' one of my favourite pastimes. 

Garden by the Bay
I live in an area that has enough outdoor space and so running indoors for me would only be to ensure I run at a consistent speed or because I can't make it outdoors early mornings! 

I have to (mentally) prepare myself for the day I need to run in the gym (and on weekdays I can't run outside because of the kids school routine and early mornings being the 'peak' hour in our home).

When i run outdoors, I run 5km now (smoothly), but when I run in the gym, I struggle to do my 4km! So today since I got the treadmill late, I decided to run a bit faster so I can finish faster and get some quiet time at home before my younger one gets back from school! My usual speed is 8.3 or 8.5, today I decided to run on 8.7 and wanted to see how far I could go...Mind you, even the speed of 8.3 was a 'dream' for me till 6 months ago...

As I started running and watching people around me (I do that only so I can pass time on the treadmill, apart from listening to my 'mundane' playlist that has been my only constant through my running journey and find a way to not look at the treadmill reading), I wondered what 'motivated' everybody who was there! 

Am sure everyone had their own reason for just being there. For someone it maybe their 'me time', for some it may be 'to stay fit', others it may be to just 'stay sane', may be a routine to 'meet friends' and for some this helps them 'fit into a dress', . I am not sure where I fit in. I think I am there everyday for a different reason or maybe all of the above!

The Sunday Times, dated Oct 26, 2014
Just then my mind flash-backed to a story I had read in 'The Sunday Times' dated October 26, 2014 titled "Secrets of weight loss revealed". The Health Promotion Board (Singapore), had recently announced a campaign- "One million KG challenge" - first incentive-based weight management programme.

Some of the winners stories were very interesting. One lady didn't even know she had enrolled for this programme, she thought it was an extension of her existing weight loss programme and it was mandatory and hence took it on! Another guy, plays his favourite games on his iPAD while cycling after failed attempts to jog or exercise. And each of these people, have lost weight the 'right' way'. One of the participants in fact said, " I tried to force myself to jog and go to the gym but realised that unless you really like the activity, your determination will eventually fade".

That is what 'stayed' in my head. No one can be pushed. This activity can only sustain if it's done through self-motivation and determination.
My reading this morning!

By the time i finished my 4km run, my blog for today was pretty clear in my head! And probably that was my 'motivation' for today...to run my fastest 4km! But I still have an 'unfulfilled' wish of running a 5km on the treadmill. Inshallah that day will also come soon!

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