Thursday, 18 September 2014

diwali with a difference!

Its that time of the year when one starts shopping for goodies (be it clothes, new furniture, re-doing your home, etc). Having been out of India for more than a decade now, Diwali is more about spending that day with close friends probably ending it with a dinner together. I have always wanted more for my kids. For them to know how important this festival is. It's more than just wearing new clothes and wishing each other. Have always wished that they see the other side of life 'how lucky they are and how fortunate they are' to be able to celebrate every festival in a grand manner. When you live out of India you are seeing life very differently. Had we been in India, kids are exposed to a lot more realities (which are sometimes harsh). Every holiday when we head to Bangalore, I try and show my now 7-year old that disparity (which unfortunately) she doesn't see in her day-to-day life!

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a post from Protsahan India a renowned NGO working towards educating street kids in India. They were organising a Diwali mela and along with that workshop for kids (art & craft related). 

It's very rare to see such activities come up and I congratulate the Protsahan Singapore team for organising this in Singapore!
I felt for a change, I was spending that money on something fruitful and and I also knew where it was going! I had the opportunity to explain it to my daughter, on why attending this workshop was different from probably the art class she goes to every week! I hope not only during Diwali, but at any point of time, more such events happen here and more people get involved. And also that it gets bigger and better every year!

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