Monday, 22 September 2014

from XL to M!

...and that's exactly what I am today! and surely it's easier said than done! it all started exactly a year ago (with me weighing 72kgs)...thankfully I went in with the lowest of expectation (probably none), since I hadn't spent any time researching on where this journey could take me or how long it would take or what it would entail.

It's interesting because all through my life I was always the 'tomboy' of the house, never been sub-60 weight since I can remember and never had 'being fit' on my agenda! I had a husband who had dropped from 90kgs to 67kgs in 3 years but still it never pushed me! Guess , it's right when they say 'there is a right time for everything'.

And so what did I do in the last 1 year....spend many hours in the gym? cut down on all my food? not enjoy my alcohol? well not really...I would say a bit of all.. twice a week of intense training with my 'fitness guru' @ salveo mantra, the build up of a running routine (which probably was the best thing that came out of this whole project), a bit of cautiousness on the food end and stick to only weekend drinks! and was it tough? Yes and No!

Yes because it required a lot of dedication, constant pep-up, sustained effort and a quite few early morning wake ups!

No because it all seems worth it now once I have achieved the results. I think the best take-away from this project has been a 'mindset change' for me, I can push my 7-year old to do tougher things now (as I can also do it and probably better), I feel a 'new' me -for the first time I am in my 50's, and all it took was 1-year of my life to get me to my fittest best at 38 years!!! Guess better late than never!


  1. Anu you look fab in the pic and are slowly being a motivation for me now