Wednesday, 24 September 2014

my day off!

That's a term most of us in Singapore are familiar with! and that's what got me ticking this weekend!

I often think when was the last time I did something 'just' for myself' and not be in rush to either get some home errand done, or some errands for the kids...when was the last time I met some girlfriends for lunch, went to a library and read in peace, had a meaningful conversation with my friends and for a change it's not about some playground issue, school issue, bus issue! and truly it has been a while...

Why does all this take a backseat? The break I took from work three years ago, was so that I could find time to do all this for myself and be there for the home without a constant struggle! But alas, other things have taken priority and in all that rush, I forgot some of my own agenda!

And so this weekend, I decided to take a stop! Stop thinking about the home (atleast for a while), about what to cook for the next meal and it helped! I managed to get some thoughts in my mind...and felt a lot LIGHTER!

Have told myself that I must do atleast one activity a week that will be just MINE! Be it a movie, a lunch with my friends or my husband, an agenda-less/ errand less shopping trip, a trip to the library, cook something out of the menu for the day! And it was easy! That's all it took to get myself back on the 'original' track!


  1. what ever said and done... what will keep us moving is the smile of our little girls....

    1. pooja- absolutely! I think that stands true for all mothers!